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What it means to be a woman in business to me

I was asked recently, what it meant to be a woman in business and what that meant for me. I thought I had an answer right away, but this took me longer to answer than I thought. I’m in a weird spot in my career. I was on my own and just so motivated, dead set on this one goal. I was locked in and realized I was missing out on everything, not in that vision. So, when our moving transition came to fruition and I added a career, I found myself in a weird spot-understandably so.

So, what does being a woman in business mean to ME? It means ADAPTING my goals. Keep the goal, but it’s ok to change how and when you get there. Being a woman in business means learning work-life balance-this is BIG for me right now. I have a life, or an opportunity to have one. When I was pushing so hard in real estate, I didn’t have time for anything outside of it. I was overworking myself and overstressing myself. My whole family felt that, and I don’t want to get there again.

As a woman, we are ALWAYS multitasking. Household duties, family duties, work, life, all the things a woman keeps tabs on. At some point, we must remember to enjoy things. To take a step back and come out of the goal focus for a bit and just soak up the moment.

The goal will always be there, the little young family will not. So, what does it mean to be a woman in business to me? It means being driven, but not being so set on something that I don’t take time to enjoy and live life. Family first, everything else after. <3

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