• Kelly NorthLee

Return of Experiences

Since we began to truly recover from COVID, more and more people have started to travel again. Travel around the world has seen a spike in traffic. It seems that after two years of being cooped up, everyone wants to see the world again.

What does that mean for businesses? Businesses are seeing a shift in the way they get the word out about them. The way they have been targeting their customers, has taken a different route.

Rather than do a simple boosted post, businesses are putting the thoughts into providing an experience. Think AirBNB. People travel using air bnb for a new way of doing things. With so many options for short term rentals, airbnb owners began providing things to do all in one. Rather than go and stay a night there, a couple could go stay a night on a farm, help feed the animals in the morning, and learn how to bake new items. Or maybe, a different concept of going to another country and the owner comes to give you a tour and lines up a plan of things to do.

Regardless, people want to try new things, stay in new places. Let go of the 9-5, even if just for a few days. This brings us to a new way of attracting clients.

Everyone still needs clothes, and food, and realistically will splurge on other things, but what if by doing normal, everyday things, they could earn a new experience to do outside of that? By offering a giveaway, or a points system to bring in the client to purchase the everyday things, we entice them to shop with us over a competitor, therefore gaining us new or more sales.

To sign up for a chance to win we make it free (all they have to do is shop with us, and we gather their information. Maybe we ask things like income, gender, if they like animals, whatever information we need to know to see who our clients truly are. By understanding the client, we can keep them coming back to us by providing them with information relevant to their needs. We do this by reaching back out to them using the information they provide to us.

From there, we form a connection and cultivate a real relationship with them. They may become loyal to us and provide referrals or reviews, word of mouth-be an ambassador for us. Or, they may simply become a return client.

If you’ve not thought this in depth about how to grow your business and the relationships within them, I would love the opportunity to chat with you about how we can get there!

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