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Mississippi, it’s not goodbye, just see you later.

For those who have been following our story and have seen my posts recently, you know we have a big change to announce.

Since moving to Mississippi over six years ago, I have used social media as a way to establish myself. At first it was car sales, then it was real estate/property management and marketing. I moved from my hometown, to an area I had never been with a man (who I love and married) I met one year prior to moving. I found social media to be the best way to learn the new area and immerse myself with the people and culture. Since then, I’ve gathered a good little following and now generate most of my clients and even friends, colleagues and agents from it.

I have used social media to share in a different way. I don’t try to post flashy things, I don’t try to post only the positive in our lives. I post the real things. The struggles of being a new mom. The struggles of trying to keep up, or to fit in. I post about how I struggle mentally keeping up. I post about my drive and determination.

I post the REAL things. The things not many talk about, but so many relate to. I’m not famous or anything, but I’ve certainly made myself known using these platforms-good or bad. I’ve sparked conversations.

So, part of that is sharing our lives. And we do I fact have some big news. This news comes with some heartbreak, but after really discussing and going back and forth on what is best for our family, we have made a decision.

We are officially moving back to Wisconsin AND I have sold my property management business. When I looked for someone to purchase it, I thought of ONE person. Someone I know will treat it like I have. Someone who cares, and treats all parties with respect and understanding. I’ll let them make their own announcement, should they choose.

We are moving pretty soon here but do have some things to close out and will be back and forth while we do so. 

I knew I would be successful here. I’ve always known deep in my heart I would achieve great things. But my goodness have I been blessed in this career. I could not have done it without my amazing clients, those who have rented from me, referred me, or trusted me in anyway.

To all of those who have supported us in Mississippi, whether it be by friendship, support, coffee chats, referrals, business or anything else, THANK YOU.

Never in a million years did I think I would sell my company, let alone move home. But we know this is the absolute best we can do for our kids and us, and we look forward to new adventures.

If I’ve not reached out to you yet personally, it is nothing against you. We have a lot to do right now and I truly tried to put others first in this.

If you are someone who was planning to work with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I have several agents I’ve selected to help and will be happy to match you with the best fit.

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