• Kelly NorthLee

Just Typing Out Loud..

July 26, 2021

On Facebook we continuously post only

positive things. We make it look like we have perfect lives right? We want to look picture perfect and seem like we have our together.

I’m here to tell you what you see is just the absolute best of people’s lives. Some may be real, some staged or fake, but rarely do we see the struggles. So I’d like to come out as a real, authentic person who tells it like it is. Personal thoughts and life included. You may have seen over time my posts have shared real life, but typically wrapped in a bow… Not today. After having Barrett and going back to work officially (never really left 🤣) I left my last company less than a year after switching to them. While I truly believe I was where I should have been, God had other plans. Leaving was hard. Honestly the hardest thing I’ve done. I left a whole family of people. I’m grateful for all of them, truly. But here’s what you didn’t see: while I was transitioning to my own office none of them reached out to see if I was ok. (With the exception of one person.) I suppose it wasn’t really on them, but those couple months were the hardest and loneliest months I’ve had probably ever, career wise and being a new mom again.🩹 It brought up the idea of me getting our of real estate, it brought up the idea of us leaving Mississippi. It brought the idea of giving up. Brady has always been there by my side supporting every move, but I still felt so lonely, and sad, and lost. After thinking about all of the options it just

made me realize that I am exactly where I belong and I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing. One might even say I’m home. Nothing worth having is easy to achieve. I know there will continue to be road blocks, obstacles and hard times. There always are in being a business owner; in life, and as a mom. But I know we will get through them. After all, if we could get through that HELL, we can get through anything. I’ll add, I’m fine now. But it was truly a dark time. The combination of leaving people I thought cared and having just had a baby, it was just mentally a kick to the gut. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated the support from my social media’s, complete strangers, and how much I’ve learned in what really matters in life. That being said… do the hard things. You WILL MAKE IT. And you WILL be better for it. I’m here for you if I can be, truly.

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