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Getting motivated when you hit a slump!

We’ve all been here right? A change of season, maybe a big life change or maybe a bit of inconsistency has hit, we find ourselves in a slump. I know this has been major for me lately. As many of you know I recently welcomed our son, Barrett, into the world. In anticipation I finished out November as top producer, (and a major goal of mine at that!) but stopped lining things up for a bit after. While I was never “out” I did take a step back from selling and have felt this strongly since “coming back.”

It’s been many conversations of how this happened, or what do I do. A few heart to hearts with those I’m close to. Truth is, I know how and what to do. It’s just the mindset that has been missing. So how am I getting back into the groove? How am I getting out of my slump? What is my plan to get back to being top producer, and maintain it?


Ok, so that sounds so much easier than it is. My real way of getting back to the grind is to immerse myself right back into real estate. Even if I don’t have anything going you will see me at the office first thing in the morning. I’m studying for my Alabama license, chatting with collegues, getting more organized with my CRM and way of doing things. I am regularly having lunch with collegues going over best practices, staying with what’s current in negotiations, even attending new agent trainings. I am ALWAYS learning.

This job can be so flexible, but as a friend recently told me; to make money next month you have to have contracts written this month. I’m thankful for all of the referrals sent my way! Every opportunity, whether it’s a new client, referral or someone off of socials is a blessing.

If you’re in a funk let’s get together and chat! I love surrounding myself with like-minded people and helping where I can!

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