• Kelly NorthLee

Finally Free

A year ago, my husband got home from his very last deployment. That marked 4.5 years in the Navy and 3 deployments down for us. He was gone somewhere just under half of our marriage and at least half of our daughter’s life at that point. I am very much the type to believe everything happens for a reason, so I know him joining and moving us to Mississippi was meant to happen. The Navy brought us here, but we made the decision to stay.

Brady was in right at 5 years. It had its’ highs and lows for sure. The first deployment I didn’t love, but it was a good opportunity for me to truly learnt be on my own. While I’ve always been independent, this was a new level. I was moved across the country, to a new place, new job and I knew NO ONE. It was definitely a challenge, but I thrived. When he left after our daughter, not so much. Thankful for a great support system and really amazing neighbors!

I am so grateful for the opportunities his career brought our family. If he didn’t have that steady paycheck I may not have been able to start my career in real estate. If he didn’t join, I would have never moved to Mississippi and chances are I would have a completely different life and career. I know we are where we’re meant to be. Excited to see where Mississippi takes us and the continued opportunities it presents.

Although he’s no longer in, I understand what it’s like. This is why I am striving to bring by a little something to spouses of those deployed. Just a little something to bring a smile, make the day a little better or even to show that someone cares. Hoping to be a great resource for spouses, even though I no longer am one!

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