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End of month check in

Few things today…

1. As I’m my own boss I’m able to take my daughter to work when school is out for things like #mardigras2022 not everyone can so easily do this. Grateful I can and that my daughter ENJOYS coming with. 💕 #miniboss

2. I closed on a new #drhorton home today for some of our neighbors. Can’t help but think I may not have met them if it wasn’t for Larry. #byelarry Gratefil they chose me and that they were able to get such an amazing home AND location! #locationlocationlocation

3. Because my buyers chose to work with #DHILending and because I’m a #VIPagent they were able to get all but about $72 of their earnest money back at close. Meaning they paid damn near nothing down to our use a brand new home. Reason 272929 why I recommend at least looking at new homes. Most sellers pay all or some closing costs, which is a BIG ask in this #sellersmarket 🏡

4. Brady and I officially found our new home today. Thought we did last week, but ultimately the layout didn’t work. More on that soon, because it’s a little crazy 😉

Both kids are home tomorrow, but again, I’m able to work from home and with them. Not easy, but can be done when needed! As always, thankful to have worked with Michelle Harbison on this home! Even my daughter was excited to “work” with her! 😍

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