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Are you ready to 💩 out some magical ideas for 2023!?

If you’re anything like us, you’re looking to take your 2023 up a notch! Well, we’ve put together an event to help you with that! Marketing is done to help you grow your business, but it doesn’t stop at a simple post, or a couple of emails. There’s a process and even a strategy behind it. We take our clients through a full service experience, from getting clients aware of your product or business, to getting them to consider it, and then converting them into clients. It’s all about connecting the dots of the process!

At this event, we will be taking a journey of creative uncovery.

What does that mean? Glad you asked!

We will be discussing:

The Customer Value Journey;

Going into how a funnel pulls strangers in and brings them from being unaware of your products and services, to someone who wants to tell the world!

Creating Your Customer Avatar:

Think of this like a bitmoji, but deeper. We’re going further than outfit and getting into the minds of our clients. Where do they work, what do they do for fun, how can we serve them best?

Storytelling Exercises:

Likely my favorite part! Just as I’m doing in this blurb, we will be going over how to speak directly to the heart of your clients, paint a picture, maybe even get a chuckle out of them!

VIP Sessions Available

You’ve heard of Squatty Potty right!? Talk about 💩ing out some great ideas! Well, the gentleman behind the creative on that, Zach Atherton, will be hosting 20 VIP sessions to help YOU get your creative juices flowing! Message me for details! 🦄

Join us on October 4th, in Madison, WI!

Here is the link to register -

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