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Hey, I'm Kelly!
& this is my life. I'm originally from Fond du Lac, WI-or Fondy as you may call it. My husband and I lived on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi for over 6 years while he was stationed there, and we have now come back to Wisconsin! I absolutely love to help grow and support local businesses anyway that I can. This includes being an online resource and fan girl, but also can include a strategic marketing plan for them. If you're looking to up your marketing game on either a small or large level, let's


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A Litte More About Me...

I grew up in Fond du Lac, WI. My husband and I met in 2015 and quickly knew we would get married. About 6 months after meeting, we tied the knot! It's true what they say, when you know, you know!


In 2017 we welcomed our first child, and in 2020-height of the pandemic, we welcomed our second. We have a little girl and a little boy, plus 3 spunky pups-two pit mixes and a purebred doberman. When we first moved to Mississippi I got into car sales and LOVED it, however, having a husband who deployed often and having a child did not work for that type of sales environment. While selling cars, I met a large investor who mentioned he thought real estate would be a great fit for me.


Sure enough, a couple years later I was thriving and even opened my own Property Management company and Brokerage. I used social media when in car sales, and took that to the next level when I got into real estate. While I don't have a huge following, I promise people are watching and now about 70% or more of my clients have come from social media. I even have had the opportunity to help other agents, and offices to grow their online presence. 

Recently, my husband and I found ourselves missing home and opted to sell just about everything and move back to Wisconsin. While I will be doing real estate still, I found a great spot at a company as a Brand Ambassador for large companies. I'm excited to be able to help not only personal businesses, but small and large businesses too- and, on a bigger platform, with more a whole TEAM behind me! If you're looking to increase brand awareness and ultimately increase your profits and performance, we need to chat!

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